What Type of Medicare Questions Should I Be Asking?

Whether you are new to Medicare or have some experience receiving Medicare benefits, you may have come across the option of enrolling in a Medicare Advantage Plan. Many people rely on this type of plan to help pay for some of the services not covered by Original Medicare.  However, knowing which questions to ask is critical to finding a plan that fits your needs and your budget. When choosing a plan, consider these questions before making a decision as to which is the best plan for you.

  • Can I afford to pay all the health care costs that Original Medicare does not cover?
  • Are my doctors covered?
  • Are my prescription drugs covered?
  • What happens when I travel?
  • Can I talk to someone locally and in person?
  • Which plan fits best with my monthly budget?
  • Has the Medicare Advantage plan received any awards or recognition?

While these questions may seem easy, remember to take the time to review your current coverage to make sure you understand any changes that may have been made.  In September, you should  receive an Annual Notice of Change (ANOC) letter from your health insurance company. This letter discuss changes to you premiums, copays, benefits and other important information.

If at any time you are confused about changes to your plan or if you have trouble answering some of the above questions, there are a number of resources you can use for help. For example, the Viva Health Cafés in Hoover, Birmingham, Montgomery, Mobile and the Shops at Grand River is a great resource where you can get easy to understand answers to your Medicare questions. The licensed agents are always available to help you understand changes to your ANOC letter and may be able to assist you with your Medicare needs.