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Battling Depression

Depression is one of the largest health concerns facing the medical community today. It affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and the number of diagnosed patients is increasing twenty percent each year. Depression takes its toll not only on the mind but on the body as well. Sadly, only a small fraction of those who show signs of clinical depression are receiving treatment for the disease. This is an increasing concern because depression is most prevalent in people ages 45-68. Continue reading

Eight Simple Steps to Remember Your Medication

Doctors prescribe medication as part of a treatment plan because they believe the medicine can help  ease or manage a particular condition. However, medication non-adherence (not filling or taking a prescription according to the doctor’s orders) in the U.S. is above 50%. Not taking your medication as prescribed can lead to prolonged illness, additional doctor visits, unnecessary hospital admissions, and untimely death. Continue reading

Reducing Hospital Admissions

Nobody wants to be side-tracked by another hospital stay, especially if it is preventable. It is costly to both you (in copays) and Viva Medicare Plus. Here are some ways to save money and prevent the unwanted cost of time away from those you love and what you love to do by reducing your hospital admissions.

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