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Battling Depression

Depression is one of the largest health concerns facing the medical community today. It affects hundreds of millions of people worldwide and the number of diagnosed patients is increasing twenty percent each year. Depression takes its toll not only on the mind but on the body as well. Sadly, only a small fraction of those who show signs of clinical depression are receiving treatment for the disease. This is an increasing concern because depression is most prevalent in people ages 45-68. Continue reading

Let’s Make 2015 the Year of a Healthier You!

Viva Medicare is committed to helping you improve your health in 2014. That is why our members enjoy great benefits such as no copays for Medicare covered preventive services and $20 per month towards gym membership dues at contracted facilities. Plus, we recently partnered with HealthCoach4Me®, an easy-to-use interactive website that is made for people that want to take charge of their health. The site has two main parts: Continue reading

Making Medicare Easy: Breast Cancer Awareness

October may be breast cancer awareness month, but it is a year-round issue. In an effort to help raise awareness of this fatal disease, we at VIVA would like to give you the statistics about breast cancer and inform you about how to reduce your risk factors for this disease.
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Patient Rights

Like it or not, you are probably going to spend time in the hospital at some point in your life. Whether in the emergency or operating room, the intensive care unit or maternity ward, knowing your rights as a patient is an important step you can take to ensure you receive quality medical care. But where to start? How do you find out what your patient rights are? Who makes sure that those rights are observed? We at Viva are here to help.

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