Reducing Hospital Admissions

Nobody wants to be side-tracked by another hospital stay, especially if it is preventable. It is costly to both you (in copays) and Viva Medicare Plus. Here are some ways to save money and prevent the unwanted cost of time away from those you love and what you love to do by reducing your hospital admissions.

Start with your Primary Care Physician (PCP) first if your condition is not a medical emergency. A number of conditions can be handled by your PCP. If your PCP’s office is closed consider going to a participating urgent care facility like American Family Care or Pri Med. Save the ER for situations where you believe you have medical symptoms that require immediate medical attention to prevent loss of life, loss of a limb, or loss of a function of a limb.

When you are discharged from the hospital, keep and understand your post discharge
plan of care. This plan of care will be given to you before you leave the hospital. If you have
questions, call your physician’s office.

Be sure to make a follow up appointment to see your physician within 7 days of discharge
from a hospital stay. Your chances of going back into the hospital increase without this
follow-up care.

If you are given new medication, know its name. If the dosages change, know by how much. Try to understand why you take your medication and for how long. Finally, never take a medication beyond its prescription dosage or frequency. In other words, if a medication is prescribed to be taken once a day, don’t take it twice – and vice versa.