Picking Hobbies to Cultivate in Retirement

Many people have grand plans once they reach retirement. Traveling. Fishing. Catching up on books. Just enjoying life. But after celebrating those first few days after your last day of work, it’s time to prepare yourself for an exciting new phase of life.

While working, you probably looked forward to endless free time and the possibilities that come with it. In reality, however, you may be left wondering what to do with that time. Research has shown that adults who engage in new hobbies after retirement are happier and live longer. So now that you’ve earned the right to relax a little, let’s take a look at some possible ideas.

A great place to start is often with your health. As always, before engaging in any new physical activities, you should consult your doctor first. Once given proper guidelines on your ability to exercise, choose at least one physical activity you either already enjoy or have always wanted to pursue. Keep in mind that new hobbies don’t require you to rush out and spend thousands of dollars on new equipment or memberships. If you’re venturing into new territories, start slow and only invest money after you have become dedicated to your newest pursuit. Particularly attractive activities for retired persons include nature walks, tennis, golf, swimming and Yoga.

Exercising the body is fantastic. But don’t forget, exercising the mind is equally beneficial. As with physical exercise, research promotes the practice of continued learning throughout one’s lifetime. Now is a great time to contemplate the great works of art, religion, politics or literally anything that fascinates you and engages your mind. What many people don’t realize is that picking up a new creative hobby as an adult is just as rewarding as ever. It’s never too late to learn to play an instrument, write poetry, paint or pursue any artistic endeavor you wish. When done with the sole purpose of enjoyment, creative projects can offer a new side of life and self expression.

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