Online Courses

So you’ve made the decision to go back to school and learn something new, but you are facing some obstacles. Perhaps you have difficulty getting out of the house or transportation is an issue. Perhaps you cannot swing it financially. If any of this resonates with you, please do not be discouraged, the Internet might be your answer.

The Internet is a modern phenomenon that has opened up the whole world in ways that past generations couldn’t even have imagined. Unlike when over 50’s were growing up, children today only know a world where almost everyone is connected. Happily, with this connection can come learning. There is almost certainly nothing that one cannot find information about using a search engine, such as Google. Your imaginations is the only limit.

Because the Internet is so vast, classes, courses, seminars, and a host of other learning tools are available through it. In fact, most colleges and universities, even elite schools such as Harvard and Stanford, have opened up their curriculum to include many online courses and even complete online degree programs. There are also a multitude of websites set up specifically to teach us something. Some are free, some have a cost attached, but all can be accessed from the comfort of your homes and computers. There are classes offered that are overseen by an educator but also many that are self-­guided. Some allow you to earn a degree or certificate or even get licensed in various fields of study. Some you may take just for fun.

What are some of the things we can learn online? The question might as well be, what can’t we learn online? If you are new to computer technology and feel a bit intimidated, a good place to start may be with a search as basic as “how to use a search engine.” This can be very helpful as there is as much, if not more, misinformation on the internet as there is information, so knowing how to navigate it all is important.

Once you’re comfortable navigating the internet, you may want to learn more about computers themselves or use your computer as a tool, you can find courses teaching these skills by searching things such as; how to write computer code, web development, how to blog, effective writing, etc. A good example of a great website is, which offers business, creative and technology learning.

If learning about computers isn’t what you need, there are unlimited topics to choose from. Too many to begin to name here. There are even websites where you can review websites that offer learning. An online learning marketplace, if you will. Some of these include:

Or, you can choose any college or university in the world and go to their website to see what they offer for online learning. With some, you do not have to be on a specific degree track, you can just take a course here or there as continued education. Taking online courses can begin as simply as you deciding what you have an interest in and then allowing the internet to open that door for you. In this way, continuing your education has never been easier. You never know what life will bring, exciting new adventures in learning may be just a click away.