Improving Your Health In 2013

We all know the importance of a good diet and exercise, but did you know that even small exercise and diet improvements can improve the health of people who have diseases associated with aging or are frail? Being physically active can also help you stay strong and give you the ability to keep up the lifestyle that you have grown accustomed to. Here are just a few more reasons to stay active and maintain your health along with some suggested exercises.

Being inactive can be risky. If you’ve ever fallen, or if you are afraid of falling, being inactive will only increase your chances of having another fall. People who are inactive tend to lack the strength and coordination to catch themselves if needed. Exercise will help improve your strength, stamina, balance, and reflexes which combined will help decrease your chances of falling. Furthermore, studies have shown that regular exercise benefits people with chronic conditions such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, and high blood pressure. It’s a also been shown that starting a routine exercise program helps manage stress and improve your mood. Regular exercise may also help reduce any feelings of depression you may be having.

Simple improvements to your overall health can even have further reaching effects like improving conditions such as bladder control problems. Did you know that almost 1 out of every 11 Americans suffers from an overactive bladder, but only 1 out 5 seek help? If you think you may have an overactive bladder simply track your liquid input and output (how often you drink and what you drink and how often you use the bathroom) for several days, and then take that information to your primary care physician (PCP). If
you are having bladder control problems, simple changes to your diet can also help. Avoiding acidic or spicy foods and decreasing your intake of caffeinated or alcoholic drinks will all help prevent urinary leaking. In addition to this, you can take your journal of liquids to your PCP and he or she will be able to help you through a possible combination of medications and bladder training.

Now that you’re committed to improving all aspects of your health in 2013, what should you do? Before starting any exercise program, Viva Medicare Plus suggests you talk to your PCP first. He or she will be able to assess your current health and let you know if there are any current conditions that may limit your activity. Once you have the green light from your PCP, start in moderation, and most importantly enjoy yourself!