Good Part Time Jobs for Seniors

Good Part Time Jobs for Seniors

As you age and transition into retirement, it’s often necessary or even healthy to pick up a part time job. Staying active while earning a little extra income is a great way to spend time as you get older. For seniors, picking the right part time job is a matter of choosing work that is physically accommodating as well as intellectually stimulating. Below are a few part time job ideas that are well suited for seniors.

  1. Consultant: With years of experience in a given field, some older professionals have what it takes to offer advice to younger professionals or corporations. Consulting can provide significant income depending on one’s field of expertise, but it may not be as reliable in terms of bringing home a consistent paycheck.

  2. Retail: Though many retail positions entail standing on your feet, being able to work only part time can lessen the physical impact of the job. Moreover, retail positions allow for flexible scheduling, and offer opportunities to be around people. For some seniors, retail positions are a perfect fit.

  3. Bookkeeping: Many businesses need a person dedicated to organizing financial data and tending to business operation issues like ordering office supplies or maintaining printer paper stock. For seniors with a mind for keeping things orderly, this type of job can be perfect. And many small time businesses are willing to let bookkeepers work a few days a week.

  4. Security Guard: Some small communities and private properties require a person to keep an eye on things during and after business hours. Depending on the type of work involved, this can be an interesting job for a senior citizen. While some security guard positions require a certain level of physical fitness, many don’t. Look into the job requirements of a position before you apply.

  5. Tutor: Passing on knowledge can be extremely rewarding, and tutoring allows for a flexible schedule and a wide knowledge base.

  6. Substitute Teaching: Becoming a substitute teacher in your school district helps keep you connected to the community. Working with children is always a rewarding experience and depending on the grade, will definitely keep you on your toes.

Always check job requirements before applying to a position. There are many opportunities out there for senior citizens.