Confused doctor gesturing with hands.

Did Your Current Medicare Advantage Plan Drop Your Primary Care Doctor and Specialists?

Now that we’re halfway through Medicare’s annual enrollment period, you’re most likely doing some side-by-side comparisons between all the different Medicare Advantage plan options you have in front of you. While benefits may vary from plan to plan, one very critical thing to keep in mind is whether your primary care doctor and specialists are still in your plan’s network.

By now you should have received your Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC) packet from your current Medicare Advantage plan. This packet explains changes to your benefits, copays, and provider network for 2015. It is important to review these changes and make any adjustments necessary to ensure you receive the best possible health care.

One easy thing to do is go to your current Medicare Advantage plan’s website and check their provider search or directories. This will let you know if your doctor or specialist is still accepting your Medicare Advantage plan. If your doctor or specialist is not contracted with your current Medicare Advantage plan, you must take action before the annual enrollment period ends on December 7 and switch to a new plan or just stay on Original Medicare.

With Viva Medicare, you’ll have plenty of options when it comes to your choice of doctors and hospitals. We have an extensive network of providers and we’re contracted with nearly every hospital in our 24 county service area. You’re also covered for emergencies worldwide – so it doesn’t matter where you are – if you have an emergency or need urgent care, Viva Medicare has you covered.

Want to see if your doctor is in our network? Simply click here. Just remember, the annual enrollment period ends December 7th.